More than business!
Our company provides complete consulting services in the public acquisitions domain, representing a professional support for the participants to the economic life and thus to the national and international business environment.
Depending on the identified needs and the existent resources, we can provide, by our specialized staff, based on services contracts, different forms of consulting, technical assistance and representation of the contracting authorities in carrying out the public acquisition procedures.
In order to meet your needs for ensuring the correct application of the specific legislation in the public acquisitions domain, we provide, in advantageous economic conditions, the following services:
  • Correct application of the legislation in force;
  • Notifying the modifications in the public acquisitions legislation and presenting their implications concerning the current activity;
  • Elaborating the public acquisitions strategy;
  • Compiling the annual schedule of the public acquisitions;
  • Analyzing the qualification and selection criteria of the bidders and compiling relevant notes in order to establish the awarding procedure of the public acquisitions contracts;
  • Principles in elaborating the selection requests and the tender specifications;
  • Guiding and assistance in using the Public Acquisitions Electronic System (SEAP) for publication of the participation notes and invitations, award notices, etc;
  • Elaborating minutes of tenders opening;
  • Compiling the public tender folder;
  • Assistance for the development of the public acquisition procedures in the established terms and conditions;
  • Participating in the evaluation committee as recruited external expert;
  • Elaborating answers to the clarification requests sent by potential bidders;
  • Analyzing and evaluating the submitted offers in terms of eligibility;
  • Compiling the clarification requests regarding the submitted offers;
  • Elaborating the analysis reports and communications to the bidders;
  • Managing the appeals submitted in the contract awarding procedure;
  • Compiling the awarding documentations;
  • Assistance in the process of compiling the public acquisition contract;
  • Filling and preparation for archiving the public acquisition folder;
  • Assistance in the relationship with the state institutions with competency in the public acquisitions domain.
In case you consider that our specialists experience in the public acquisitions domain might be useful for your activity, by any of the above mentioned services, please contact us.